Board of Directors


NOTE: Board Meetings are normally held on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4:00 PM.  The 2021 meeting schedule: 4-8, 5-13, 6-10, 7-8, 8-12, 9-9, 10-14, 11-9 (Annual 11-11).  All meetings are open for anyone to attend.  There is an Owner's Forum at the beginning of each meeting for owners.  Please call Z & R to verify meeting time/date and to be placed on the agenda.


The mailing address for the Board is 6015 Lehman Drive, Suite 205, CSC,  80918.


Judith Walton - 2023

 Vice President 
John Smith - 2021

Nancy Bunker - 2022

Ray Hendershot - 2022

 Director at Large 
Russ Williams - 2023

 Director at Large 
Lloyd Nordhausen - 2022

 Director at Large 
Janet Butts - 2021

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